How a coal-fired power station will help clean up a city’s air

The power station at Coal Hill in Sydney’s south is a relic from the Victorian coal boom, but it is an inspiration to those who want to see a similar model in other towns and cities.

Key points:The power station is designed to clean up coal dust and pollutants in the atmosphereKey points Clean-up efforts are now under way at CoalhillCoal Hill is a coal powered power station which is a major contributor to Sydney’s smog problemThe power plant has been operating since the 1930s and is currently under construction at a cost of $3.3 millionThe project was started after the city began using steam generators, but now a new generation of technology is being used to get the project running, which will take at least five years.

In a city where air quality is often worse than other major Australian cities, the power station aims to provide an alternative source of power to the city’s smelly coal-burning factories and power stations.

CoalHill is a former coal mine in the city which has been used to power power the city since the 1920s.

It was the largest coal-powered power station in Australia at the time, with around 600,000 tonnes of coal burned each year, and was the site of a number of air pollution disasters.

Since then, the city has seen a significant rise in air quality, particularly in the summer months.

At the time of the project’s construction, coal ash and pollution were being pumped into the coal mine, and when the power plant shut down in the early 1980s, the smog started to spread.

The coal ash was eventually found to be a major source of pollutants, and the smogs caused by it have plagued the city ever since.

But when it came to cleaning up the pollution, the coal plant was considered a relic and was deemed unsuitable for the purpose.

The plant was demolished in 2014, and it was left to decay for several decades.

It has been put back together again and it is now being used as a power station to help clean the air in the South of Sydney, with a primary purpose of providing power to businesses.

“Coalhill is the first of its kind in Australia, with the aim of improving air quality in the region,” said Dr David Brown, a researcher at the University of Sydney’s School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.

“We hope to get this project off the ground by 2021, with an initial goal of generating up to 400 megawatts of power by 2025.”

The powerplant will provide power to up to 30 businesses in the area and will also be a community hub and a place for local artists and musicians to perform.

“This is a really good opportunity for us to bring coal back to the South and give Sydney a more natural look,” Dr Brown said.

“If it works as it is hoped, we will have a more sustainable, cleaner, more vibrant city.”

The Power Station’s historyIt was built in 1928 by the Western Australia Coal Corporation and operated by the company until the early 1990s, when it was privatised.

It is a Victorian coal powered plant, with power produced from coal mined in the North East and the South West.

The power is supplied to several businesses and also to a few public transport operators.

The current owners are the Western Australian Coal Corporation, the state Government and the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

The Coal Hill power station has been operated since the early 1930s, and has an annual capacity of around 1.8 million tonnes of power, according to a website.

Coelast Power Station in Sydney is another coal powered project which started operating in the 1950s.

The company is owned by the state and is a joint venture between the Australian Coal Association and the state Department of Energy and the Northern Territory Government.

It produces approximately 2,600 megawatts (MW) of power a year, according the company’s website.



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