When a coal miner’s tattoo makes him a free bird

A man who had a tattoo of a coal mining worker was recently offered a job as a tattoo artist at a nearby business.

The man, identified as Suresh, who works in a local restaurant, has worked in the local coal mining industry for 20 years.

He is in his 60s and is a regular at the eatery.

He said the offer was made after he went to a tattoo parlour in the city to get a tattoo.

SuresH, who has no formal education, has been working as a cleaner at the restaurant for over a decade.

He said he had been given a job offer to take a job in the tattoo parlor.

He had been working in the mine for about four months.

But when the offer came, he said, he decided to take it.

The tattoo artist said Sureshe would receive 10,000 rupees (about $17) per month.

Suresh had no idea how much he would be paid.

The tattoo artist, who had not been able to afford his own tattoo, said he has been paying him about 500 rupees a month.

But he said the money he gets from his customers is enough for the tattoo artist to make about 40,000 Rupees a day.

Sursh said he does not think about his work as he has not worked in his entire life.

He only does his job to survive.

“I am not proud of what I do.

I do it for the community,” he said.

“My tattoos will be in good hands.

I don’t care about my own business.”


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