How the CO2 Emissions Debate Affects America’s Future

A new report shows that as coal emissions have dropped, America’s carbon footprint has increased.

And the U.S. coal industry is now producing more carbon dioxide than the entire automotive industry, according to a report by the National Mining Association.

In fact, coal-fired power plants are now producing enough carbon dioxide to fill the entire U.N. Climate Change Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The coal industry produces more carbon pollution than all the auto industry combined, and that’s a problem for climate change, the report says.

And that’s especially true in a nation where more than half of Americans live in states that have adopted the state-by-state approach to coal-burning.

The National Mining Assn.

estimates that more than 6 billion tons of carbon dioxide will be released from coal-powered power plants each year by 2035.

That’s about 7.5 million tons a year.

And coal companies are making a lot of money off of it, because coal is a natural resource, said Paul Nevin, president of the association’s Mining Institute.

It’s also been a bad idea for our kids.

The country is losing out on billions of dollars of economic opportunity.

Nevin told VICE News that coal-fed plants are driving up electricity bills in states where the coal industry has grown, even as more states are considering banning the burning of the fuel.

The U.K. alone is estimated to burn about 9 million tons of coal a year, while China burns more than 20 million tons annually, according the U,S., and China’s governments.

And the coal-fueled boom has already impacted the environment.

The coal industry produced 4.6 billion tons in 2015, the biggest year-over-year increase in nearly 50 years.

And even as coal plants have shuttered in the U


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