When the world’s most polluted city gets an upgrade

Coal-fired power plants have been spewing millions of tons of CO2 into the air since 1885, according to a new study.

But the pollution problem hasn’t improved over the decades, according a new report from The Globe and Mail.

In fact, the city has been increasing its CO2 levels, especially after a decades-long boom in the use of coal-fired electricity.

In Toronto, the rate of increase is up to 10 per cent, but in Calgary, it’s up to 20 per cent.

While the numbers don’t sound like a lot, the research shows that the city is getting dangerously close to the pollution that the world is suffering from.

Toronto, where the rate is up 10 per.

cent, has the world ranked fifth on the list of most polluted cities after London, Paris, Berlin and New York.

(David Donnelly/The Globe and Parade) It’s a concern that has become a serious one, with the government and the public health sector urging the city to do more to curb the problem.

“I’m worried that there will be more and more cases of lung cancer and other cancers,” said Dr. Paul Wysocki, director of research at the Toronto Cancer Foundation, who co-authored the report.

Toronto’s rate of lung and lung cancer is currently ranked third out of 25 Canadian cities.

“The data is so overwhelming that it’s become a real issue,” said Wysockski, who has studied the problem for more than 30 years.

“We have an estimated 10 million deaths a year in the city from lung cancer, which is a serious issue that’s been getting worse.”

The city has increased its rate of CO 2 pollution by more than 20 per.cent since 2005.

At the same time, it has also seen an increase in other kinds of pollution that could pose a greater threat.

For example, coal-burning power plants in the region are emitting more methane, a greenhouse gas that can trap heat and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The methane releases water vapor into the atmosphere, which can be a threat to the health of humans.

“What we’re seeing is the accumulation of CO and other toxic emissions from coal-mining activities,” said John MacGregor, a professor of environmental engineering at the University of Toronto who coauthored the new report.

It’s a real concern that we’ve got a serious health problem.”


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