Why is a new documentary called “Coal Shafts” so great?

By now you’re probably aware of “Coel Hill Arkansans”, a new docudrama by journalist Alex Toth about the life of coal miners in the American West.

It’s a compelling and often shocking portrait of a life lived by some of the nation’s most influential figures, including William Randolph Hearst, the man who built Hearst Newspapers, the world’s largest newspaper company.

It has been viewed more than 1.4 million times and is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

But Toth also knows how to tell a compelling story.

He has a background in journalism, and is well-known for his documentaries about corporate malfeasance and political corruption.

And in this case, he has found an audience.

But he has also found an opportunity for criticism.

Toth, who is originally from the UK, has a PhD in sociology from the University of York and a law degree from Harvard.

He lives in Seattle with his wife, a lawyer, and two children.

They live in a house he built himself with money he saved from working at the University’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Toth said he was inspired by the plight of the miners in North Dakota, where he filmed the documentary “A Little Life”.

He told me, “The idea for this documentary came to me after watching ‘A Little House on the Prairie’.

I was reading that book, and I thought, ‘What if there were a documentary about the miners?'”

Toth’s film begins with a story about the US’s coal mining industry.

Mining was originally developed as a way of extracting coal to fuel the engines of locomotives, but in the 20th century it was found that the process would destroy the land, water and atmosphere.

It also destroyed the health of the communities surrounding the mines.

Toths film examines how coal mining in North America became a way for wealthy people to avoid paying taxes on their wealth and to live a lifestyle that was inextricably linked to the extraction of the dirtiest fossil fuel in the world.

The film is also a look at how the extraction and consumption of fossil fuels has transformed our lives.

It is also about the impact that coal mining has had on our communities.

Coal mining, as a form of industry, has become the source of a lot of suffering in this country.

In the past, mining companies have relied on the threat of a federal government to extract the coal, which is extracted from underground rock in the US.

But after the US Supreme Court ruled in 1970 that mining companies were legally responsible for the pollution they produced, coal mining companies faced a major shift in the way that they operated.

They started to use new technologies to extract coal, and they started to rely more on government contracts.

In the US, there is a massive amount of coal that is buried underground.

That coal is mined in a very efficient way, and it can be extracted from coal.

In many parts of the country, you have to dig up hundreds of feet underground to get to that coal.

And that coal can take a very long time.

And it is very expensive to extract that coal, so coal companies have started to shift their production methods.

And as coal companies started to go underground, their profits went up.

And the miners began to take the money from the coal companies.

But that shift didn’t last long.

After coal companies began to change their business practices, the miners were not only losing their livelihoods, they were losing their jobs.

In some areas, mining has gone extinct.

Coal mining has become a very profitable industry, but coal mining also has a very destructive impact on the environment.

The mines that used to extract huge amounts of coal and turn it into energy have closed down and the mining industry has essentially become a dumping ground for waste.

So coal mining is also an industry that has an impact on communities.

Toths film has a number of other stories to tell about coal mining and the people who live and work in it.

For example, there’s this story of a coal miner named Walter.

He’s in his early 80s and he lives in a small town in central Wyoming.

Walter started working in the coal mines in the early 1900s.

He was one of the youngest miners in town, but Walter was a very successful miner.

He got a job as a truck driver and he drove trucks to the mines, so he could get his money back from the company that had hired him.

But Walter wasn’t happy.

He wanted to work in a different industry.

He told me that one of his biggest regrets is that he worked in a mine that used more water than he could drink.

Walter said that he thought the company would pay him $20 an hour and he would have enough money to retire.

But instead he had to work for three years to make enough money for his family to survive. Walter’s


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