How to cut coal use to zero in 2020

An electric-vehicle maker has made it easy for users to burn more than 1,000 tons of coal to produce a gallon of gas.

The company, Next Generation Gas, says it’s one of the few companies with a way to get a little bit more power out of the coal it makes and then burn it for transportation and storage.

The new product, called Next Generation Coal Gasification, was announced in a blog post Monday by the company.

Next Generation uses a process called a methane capture and storage system to store and release the CO2 from coal plants.

A large tank of gas is then produced and transported by truck to the gas station.

The CO2 is burned to produce electricity to run a generator or other power source.

The product also includes a fuel that’s low in carbon dioxide.

The technology is called methane capture, and it was created by a consortium of private companies including Shell, ExxonMobil and NRG Energy.

The project is being developed at Shell’s Marcellus shale gas project in the Marcellos Shale in Pennsylvania, the company said.

“Shell is the leading supplier of methane capture technology in the United States,” said Jim Smith, senior vice president for environmental programs at Shell.

“This partnership with Next Generation will enable us to provide an efficient and safe way to reduce CO2 emissions, improve our power mix and increase our capacity to capture and store carbon dioxide.”

Next Generation is a joint venture between NRG and Shell.

The joint venture is led by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Shell’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy.

The New York Times reported that Shell plans to invest $40 million in the company to commercialize the technology.

Next generation is one of several new coal-fueled energy products being developed.

Last year, a new type of fuel, called a carbon capture and sequestration fuel, was released from an existing coal-fired power plant in Pennsylvania.

The fuel is about 15 percent carbon dioxide, and the company hopes to commercialise it soon.

The other fuel, which has a similar technology, is the methane fuel.

“We have the technology for both types of fuel,” Smith said.


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