Coal industry to have the most green projects in India

Coal companies in India will have the largest number of green projects when the first two projects in the country are completed, Coal India chairman Sunil Khosla told a news conference today.

The Coal India Group of Companies (CIGC) had completed the first phase of the Kutchi project last year and was expected to complete a second phase by the end of June.

Khoslas said the second phase of Kutchim was expected in September and the first three in October.

“The coal sector is witnessing a major transition,” he said.

“We have the highest green project in the world, but we are also facing a very difficult environment and there is a lot of uncertainty about the climate change issues.

The government is also making progress in its efforts to clean coal.

We are committed to making sure the future of the industry is bright,” he added.

The first phase was the biggest project in India, and the second is expected to be even bigger.

The company expects the second project to be completed by the second quarter of 2019.

In addition to Kutchima, Khoslas said the first and second phases of the Pune-based CIGC’s Kutcham-Viradhi project will also have a green project on the books.

The project has already been completed and is expected in the second half of 2019, he said, adding that the Pampore-based company had signed a coal export agreement with the State Government of Maharashtra.

The third and final phase of Pune’s Kuchma project is expected by the third quarter of 2020.

The third phase will have a coal-fired power plant, as well as a wind farm.

“It is the biggest coal project in this country.

It is expected that the project will have coal-based power by 2023.

We have been engaged with the Government of India for over two years now on the project,” Khosls said.

Khoslases said CIGCs plan is to invest $5 billion for the project, which will be completed in 2023-24.

“This project is also a major step towards the goal of carbon capture and storage.

We hope to have carbon capture in place by 2027, and we hope that this is the first step towards capturing CO2 from the power sector,” he further added.


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