How to Avoid Coal Pollution at Home

Coal pollution can cause lung and skin cancer, reproductive issues, increased cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke and increased lung cancer risk.

So what are you supposed to do if you or your child has been exposed to coal?

Here are some simple steps you can take to avoid coal exposure.


Get your family out and about.

This is a great way to make sure your kids don’t get too much exposure to coal.

In addition to using a dust mask, you can use a regular old dust mask to protect your face and hands.

Just use the dust mask in a room that has a window or a door.


Use a filter.

A filter is a filter that you put in the water supply to clean your air.

In this case, you would filter your water supply with a filter to remove any particles that could cause coal pollution.


Don’t use filters when you are outside.

Use only filters for outdoor activities.

When you use filters indoors, you could get coal poisoning.


Use regular, non-flammable household cleaners.

If you don’t have access to a regular cleaner, there are a few good choices for cleaning your home, including dish soap, detergent, vinegar, bleach, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.


Keep your windows closed.

If your windows are covered, you may not get enough light from your windows, which could lead to coal exposure in your home.

If there is a light bulb in your windowsill, it is best to use a lightbulb filter to protect yourself.


Use window screens.

If the screen is not a good fit for your window, you might have to make a decision whether or not to install a screen.

It is better to use window screens than to buy a cheap screen.

For a few extra dollars, you will be able to buy two of the best-looking screens available at home improvement stores.


Be sure to take your kids to the doctor if you have a heart attack or stroke.

The more time you spend with your kids, the less likely you are to develop coal poisoning from coal exposure, says Dr. David McKean, a cardiologist at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

If someone has a heart problem or stroke, it could be the beginning of a long and difficult journey.

Make sure to call your doctor or the poison control center right away to report a coal poisoning emergency.


Avoid coal-related products and products that are toxic to wildlife.

Some coal products and materials are poisonous to wildlife and should be avoided at home.

For example, many coal dust products can be toxic to aquatic animals.

Make an effort to minimize your consumption of these items, McKeen adds.


Be cautious of coal-smuggled goods.

If it looks like a dangerous substance is being shipped to your home from abroad, it may be best to stop taking steps to keep yourself and your family safe from the danger, Mc Kean advises.

This includes buying items from online merchants that ship to overseas destinations and checking with your local law enforcement.

Some of these products are potentially hazardous, he says.

The EPA is currently investigating a recent shipment of coal dust and other products that was sent from the Philippines to the United States.


Wear appropriate safety equipment.

When going outside, be sure to wear a mask, eye goggles and a breathing mask.

If an emergency situation arises, you should wear a breathing suit and face shields.

This will help you stay safe from inhalation of the coal dust, which can be deadly.


Avoid outdoor activities when the sun is high.

When the sun rises in the morning, you need to be careful when outdoors.

If this happens, you don´t want to get hit by a falling object, Mckean says.

You can make sure to leave a short window open and turn off any lights that could be dangerous.


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