Why the coal industry wants a ‘nuclear waste dump’

The U.S. is preparing to dump coal into the Black Sea for the first time in nearly a century after a massive spill at a coal mine in Pennsylvania.

The U.K. has already declared a moratorium on coal exports and Germany has imposed a moratorium of its own.

The decision on Friday by the United States follows a report by the U.N. agency’s top environmental official that showed the Black Death, a massive coal dusting, had been released at the Marcellus Shale mine in the state of West Virginia.

“The fact that we’re going to dump this material at this location is really unprecedented,” said Mike Loomis, the acting administrator of the U,N.

Environment Program.

“It’s a massive waste dump.”

The Marcellos have been a key source of coal for decades, producing more than $2 billion a year in exports, according to a 2015 study by the nonprofit group Oxfam.

A year ago, the U-N.

said the Marrow River, the waterway from the Marcolin Creek to the Maritimes, had become dangerously polluted with black carbon, a byproduct of the burning of coal.

That has left some towns in the region without water and power.

The coal-mining company that operates the mine and a local environmental group filed suit in 2014 to block the spill.

The lawsuit claimed the spill was a result of a toxic spill at the mine in an area known as the Blackstone Basin.

The spill, which was reported to the U in 2014, involved two spills that caused an estimated $600 million in damage.

It also said the spill created “significant ecological and economic damage.”

The lawsuit, filed in the U., claims that the spill “is a significant health risk for local residents.”

The mine and environmental group both settled with the U on the amount of money the U paid.

The Marcello’s lawsuit did not.

In a statement released Friday, the company said it was confident that the waste dump would work, but that it was in talks with federal officials to ensure that the dump would meet its obligations.

“We have worked closely with the EPA and our partners, and will continue to do so,” said company spokesman Kevin Soper.

“We have also committed to working with the government to ensure the dump meets the requirements of the Clean Water Act and other environmental laws.”


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