Which is worse: The CO2 emissions or the coal fire?

A week after the worst coal fires in California history began, the fire and its aftermath have already destroyed thousands of homes, destroyed a major oil refinery, and caused billions of dollars in damage.

The fires have also forced the state to pay out $4.2 billion in insurance claims and is threatening to derail efforts to reduce CO2 pollution in the state.

While the fires have been contained and the fires are now far less dangerous than they were when they started, the damage is far from over.

Here are the major coal fires that are burning across the country right now, in order of the most destructive.

CO2 fires in the U.S.

A coal mine fire in West Virginia.

The biggest CO2 fire in U.K. history: A blaze that burned for a year and caused more than 1,500 homes and destroyed another 400.

This week, the National Audit Office released a report saying that the government had spent $1.5 billion on mitigation measures and that it should be $1 billion.

That is an extraordinary amount of money, and if the government spent that much on mitigation, we wouldn’t have any coal fires.

There would be no fires burning on the Eastern seaboard.

There is no doubt that the federal government should be spending more money on CO2 mitigation.

That’s a good thing, and I’m glad that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is doing this study to make sure that the Federal Government is spending more on the mitigation of CO2, which is going to have a huge impact on the economy.

It’s a shame that the NIST report didn’t include the effects of COX-2 pollution on human health.

A wildfire burning on an American Indian reservation in South Dakota.

A coal fire burning on a coal seam in South Carolina.

A fire burning in Oregon, U.P.A.

Coal is the fuel for most coal-fired power plants, and the CO2 that fuels them.

The main cause of CO-2 emissions in the United States is the burning of coal.

However, there are other ways that CO2 is produced that are much more damaging to human health, including air pollution, acid rain, and climate change.

As a result, the U,P.C.E.S., a coalition of coal-friendly groups, is fighting for a ban on coal-burning power plants.

In April, a judge in Texas struck down a law requiring a permit for coal-firing power plants because of concerns that it would hurt workers.

A court decision is pending in New York, where a judge recently ordered that the coal industry must be given a 90-day extension of the permit.

The extension was needed because the court found that coal power plants produce “substantial amounts of carbon dioxide” that are “likely to have an adverse effect on human and natural resources and public health.”

A wildfire burns near a coal mine in the northern Appalachian region of West Virginia, U-P.

The coal that burns in coal-mine mines and power plants is often contaminated with dangerous pollutants.

A U-M geochemist recently determined that the pollution was mostly from CO2.

A new study finds that coal mines and coal plants emit about 1.5 times as much CO2 as natural gas.

The worst CO2-related fires in recent years have occurred in the Appalachian region.

This region, which has a high concentration of coal miners, has the highest number of coal power plant emissions of any region in the country.

But it also has the most CO2 burning coal in the world.

The worst coal fire in the region is now in New Hampshire, the state with the second-highest CO2 emission.

The most destructive fire in recent history: The massive wildfire that burned in the Rocky Mountain foothills of Colorado, destroying more than 50 homes and injuring hundreds.

In January, a federal judge blocked the destruction of a $1-billion coal-mining project in the area, saying the U-G’s decision violated the Clean Air Act.

The U.G. has appealed the ruling, which was later overturned.

The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency has spent millions of dollars fighting the wildfires.

However (and perhaps surprisingly), they have only been able to save a few hundred homes and about $500,000 in property damage.

While some of the fires were started by humans, the majority were caused by fire hydrants and other types of power lines, according to the UPDATED CO2 CHANGE infographic.

The largest coal fire to hit the U of S: A fire that burned near a power plant in Pennsylvania, UU.

The CO 2 that fuels coal is a greenhouse gas that has been linked to global warming.

The fire burned in northeastern Pennsylvania, near a Power Station that produces more than 3 million tons of CO 2 a year.

It started on Jan. 26 and has since burned through about 1,400 acres, killing at least nine


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