How much does a coal miner make in the US?

Coal mining jobs are notoriously hard to find, and the pay is high, but the job pays so little that coal miners often get by with their savings, and their families can live off their wages.

So how much do you earn at the coal mines?

As it happens, that’s the big question at the heart of the new documentary Peabody Coal, about a New York-based coal miner who is struggling to make ends meet on a $13-an-hour wage and struggling to survive on his family’s barest savings.

The film follows the story of the man who, over the course of two decades, has come to depend on a pension he can’t keep up with and whose life depends on it.

The documentary also explores how, as a coal worker, Peaboy is making the kinds of sacrifices needed to sustain his life.

Watch it below.

The full film is now streaming on the New Zealand documentary site The New Zealand Film Company.

Peabodies coal miner salary, 2017 salary by occupation – salary.jpg, 2016 salary by job, 2016-2018 salary by state, state-by-state, states, nzfp, coal mine,coal mining salaries,coal,coal mine,coal mine,nzfp source New Zealand Times title Peaboys coal miner pays his share of rent and bills to support family, including children, at coal mine article Coal mines are often seen as low-hanging fruit for those seeking to make a living, and they are often hailed as a safe haven for those struggling to stay afloat.

They also often provide a safe space for those living in poverty, and those who feel excluded from their communities.

But the economic realities of coal mining have left many struggling, and many working long hours, with few opportunities to earn their living.

And as the economy has been in recession for the past three years, many have struggled to get by.

The New York Times reports that coal mining is increasingly seen as a job for the rich, not the middle class, and has become a source of economic insecurity for the coal industry.

But that’s not to say the coal mining industry is completely bleak.

According to the New York Post, some coal mining companies have been expanding their operations, while others have been reopening coal mines to the public.

And while coal mining jobs may be hard to come by, many people who work in the coal mine are also struggling.

This video from the film Peabones coal miner, pays his rent and pays his bills to feed his family. 

The New York Daily News reports that a coal mine worker named John was a coal prospector for more than 25 years, and he’s not particularly well off. 

John, who works at the Peabown Coal Mine, told the Daily News that the pay at Peabys mine has dropped from $1,100 to $800 per month.

He said he can still afford to buy food and rent his apartment, but that his rent payment has gone up to $2,300 a month. 

Peabody, Peaboys coal, peabody mine, peacock coal,peacock mine,miner pay,peapower source New York Magazine title How do you make $13 an hour working in coal mines?, 2016 salary by Occupation article Peabies coal miner is not alone in the struggle to keep up.

Many coal workers are also paying rent and utilities bills that can be difficult to pay for, the New Yorker reports.

In fact, one coal mine in Wyoming had to raise its rent by 30%. 

The coal mining community in Wyoming is also experiencing the effects of the recession, with unemployment at a record high of 9.5% in the state of Wyoming, the Associated Press reports. 

In a 2015 study, the US Geological Survey found that the unemployment rate for coal workers was higher than that of oil workers, and in 2016, the unemployment was nearly double that of other high-paying industries, including retail trade and construction.

The US Department of Labor estimates that about 7.3 million coal miners, and 7.2 million mining employees, were employed in 2016.

The New Yorker’s report also reveals that coal workers have struggled in recent years with the loss of jobs.


the report, the loss in coal mining employment has been particularly devastating for coal mining workers in Wyoming, Wyoming being home to some of the largest coal mines in the world.

In 2017, Wyoming had a coal shortage, with one coal company reporting that it had to lay off 1,400 people in the past 12 months.

And in 2016 alone, coal miners were laid off in Wyoming as well.

And many coal workers in the Powder River Basin are also feeling the effects.

The coal industry employs more than 1.8 million people, with an estimated 4.3 billion pounds of coal produced in the region, the AP reported.

But it’s hard to imagine


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