How to make your own child’s coal mining costume

What’s the difference between a coal bag and a child’s mining costume? 

There are some obvious differences, like the name of the costume (which can be used as a title) and the name that is actually worn on the costume. 

The costume can be made from plastic bags, or even paper. 

In the case of plastic bags you can use the same material that you would use to make paper, but the difference is that the bags don’t come with a label, and you can also find plastic bags that are reusable. 

Paper bags are great for making toys, but you can make a lot of stuff out of them, too, and the same goes for a lot more common household items like paper towels, mugs and containers. 

Here’s how you can do that, with plastic bags.

Materials to use: You can use whatever kind of plastic you have handy. 

Some people like to make the bags out of cardboard, but I don’t. 

You also need some sort of glue, so you can keep the bags together for decoration. 

What you’ll need: A large sheet of plastic sheeting (such as polyester or acrylic) and some scissors or a needle. 

It can be a bit of a pain to find plastic sheets, but there are a ton of online stores selling them. 

I used a sheet of PVC to make a simple cardboard bag, which is perfect for this DIY. 

If you’re making this for a family of four, you can probably make one bag with two kids, but that’s a lot easier if you just have one child. 

(Make sure you get the right size for each child, or you’ll get a lot less bags than you might expect.) 

I also made a simple plastic bag that I can use to store toys. 

To make the plastic bag, you need a piece of scrap paper. 

 Cut the scrap paper into little cubes. 

Cut one corner and use a sharp knife to cut it in half. 

Repeat the process until you have three cubes of paper, each of which is about an inch long. 

Now, cut a second corner of each cube. 

Again, cut that side of the cube in half and use the knife to slice it in two. 

Then, cut the other half of the first cube and cut the same way to make two more cubes of plastic. 

So, three pieces of plastic are ready to be cut out. 

When you’re done cutting, put the cubes of cardboard on a piece, or stick them together with glue to make something called a bag. 

Make sure that the bag is big enough to hold the plastic cubes, and make sure that it doesn’t come off at any point, because you may have to re-cut it later. 

Get the cardboard ready for the kids to put it on. 

Put the bag in a container and seal it with some sort


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