‘We Need Coal’: Trump, Obama, and the U.S. Coal Industry to Talk About Their Differences

The U.N. Climate Change Conference in Paris, France, on Dec. 14 is going to be the biggest climate change summit in decades, but that hasn’t stopped the coal industry from having a contentious moment.

President-elect Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden have both called climate change a hoax, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who has been vocal about the threat, has said she would support the U,S.

coal industry if elected.

Coal industry CEOs, who were largely silent on the election, are now stepping up.

In a statement, John Murray, CEO of Murray Energy, a major coal company, called on Trump to “recognize the realities of climate change, and stop the reckless, destructive, and unsustainable expansion of coal mining and coal plants across the United States.”

Murray also called on President Obama to “reject the notion that the only way to combat climate change is by burning coal.”

The statement by Murray Energy is a clear reference to Trump’s transition team.

Coal was once the dominant source of U. S. energy production.

Today, coal accounts for less than 3% of U,s.

power generation.

But coal is also one of the largest polluters in the U.,s.

economy, and it has a disproportionate impact on communities of color.

The industry employs some 20 million people worldwide, according to the U and World Bank.

Murray Energy’s statement is the first time the coal company has publicly called for action to reduce climate change.

“Murray Energy will continue to work with the Trump Administration on reducing CO2 emissions,” Murray wrote in a statement.

“The United States is one of only three countries that has not ratified the Paris Agreement, a treaty to curb global warming.”

The U, s largest coal company is in the midst of an aggressive effort to sell off assets to other companies.

In April, Murray Energy announced it had agreed to sell a majority stake in an oil and gas company to a private equity firm.

That deal, which was announced in August, included a $1 billion loan from the New York Federal Reserve.

The loan was intended to buy up to 5.8 million acres of coal.

A month later, Murray announced it was buying back $100 million worth of shares in the company.

The move has been criticized as a risky move, given the price of the coal.

In May, Murray’s CEO told the Financial Times that coal prices had dropped to levels that “we’re not comfortable buying at.”

But Murray Energy has not said what price it will sell the assets for.

The company did, however, tell The Times it was willing to “work with any government or public agency to address the issue of climate,” and said it “will continue to invest in research and development of technologies that are able to combat CO2 pollution.”


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