How the coal industry and coal country are battling each other

As coal is becoming a major contributor to CO2 emissions, it’s becoming a key player in the battle against CO2. 

But as coal country becomes increasingly reliant on natural gas, a new report finds the coal sector is being hit hard. 

In the past year, coal mining, oil and gas production, and coal exports have all suffered in part because of the dramatic decline in demand for coal. 

The report, which comes as the US coal industry faces mounting regulatory scrutiny, shows that the number of coal mining jobs is falling, while coal-fired power plants are also in decline, and the number and quality of coal ash ponds are falling in some areas. 

“The coal industry is struggling with a severe decline in its production,” the report says. 

This is due to the rapid growth of the natural gas and renewable energy industries, but also because of an increase in coal exports and the mining of coal seams in Wyoming. 

Some of the largest coal mines in the country, in states such as Wyoming and Arizona, are also being shut down as part of the Clean Power Plan, which is aimed at cutting carbon emissions from power plants by 2030. 

Many of the mines have seen a dramatic drop in production, as well as coal prices that have plummeted. 

These are the top 10 coal mines that have lost a lot of jobs in recent years, according to the report. 

They include Buckhorn Mine, which was the largest mine in Wyoming for decades and has a workforce of 4,500, and Cobalt Mine, which has a coal mine workforce of around 5,500. 

Buckshorn is a small coal mine located in the middle of the Powder River Basin in the western part of Wyoming, but Cobbins Creek, which has a population of about 2,000, is the largest in the state, and employs over 10,000 people. 

Other coal mining regions in the US, such as Bethany, and Davenport, also saw significant losses of coal jobs in the past few years. 

According to the study, coal mines and coal seam oil and natural gas fields in the West have lost over 1,000 jobs since the beginning of the year. 

Coal mining is not just a loss of jobs, but it is also a loss in quality of life. 

A report by the New York State Department of Labor found that people in coal mining towns are more likely to experience health issues, like asthma, diabetes, and heart disease. 

There are also environmental impacts, with methane emissions from coal mining facilities increasing the levels of air pollution that can cause climate change. 

For the most part, coal industry jobs have been created in the last 10 years, but some have also been lost in recent decades, according the report, including Cedar Point Mine in Wyoming, Mining Edge Mine in South Dakota, Black River Mine in Montana, Tahoe River Mine and Mine at Black Creek, Wyoming’s Big Basin Mine and the Lucky Horn Mine. 

It is estimated that around $200 billion worth of coal is produced each year, and that coal will continue to be a significant contributor to the CO2 problem, according to the report from the Center for American Progress. 

However, the study found that it will be more difficult to achieve a “safe” CO2 limit without reducing the amount of coal used in the coal process. 

If coal mining were to be shut down or shuttered altogether, it would be a blow to the coal country. 

Despite this, it is still important to keep the coal mining industry going, because it has been a major source of jobs for many people, and a good source of income for the people of the US. 

[Image credit: Reuters]


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