When you see a fossil fuel logo, think coal

The logo of an oil company can sometimes look like a coal logo.

That’s because the two symbols are connected in a way that helps determine the shape of the coal’s name, according to a new paper published in Energy & Environment journal.

The logo is also used by coal-burning power plants.

“We thought, ‘What if we just looked at what the logo looks like in coal?'” said lead author Andrew A. Durnan, an assistant professor at Stanford University’s School of Engineering.

“In terms of branding, the name coal is very important.”

He and his colleagues found that coal logos are used in about 80 percent of fossil fuel companies’ logos and nearly 60 percent of their logo schemes.

But there are a few other companies that don’t use the fossil fuel logos for their logos.

They’re not all the same: The companies that do use the coal logo are all different in the way they use it.

Durban’s paper describes a few examples.

In Australia, the company Shell uses a red and yellow-white star to represent the fossil fuels it produces.

The other fossil fuel firms that use the logo include Suncorp, which is based in Australia; and BHP Billiton, which also has an Australian arm.

In the United States, Chevron is using a red star for its oil and gas operations, while ExxonMobil is using the coal symbol for its natural gas operations.

“That was kind of surprising to us,” said Durnaan.

“I mean, it was surprising because we thought, well, they’ve got a different branding model for these companies.

But it turns out, there are some similarities.”

A couple of other factors make coal logos unique.

The coal logo is used by a lot of coal-fired power plants, and it’s often used as a common visual element for coal companies.

The name coal can also be used as the name of a different type of coal, so that a coal company might use the same logo for both types of coal.

The logos are often connected by a circle or other visual element.

“So we found that in some cases, you could see a symbol for one of the other companies in the same company, but then you would see a coal symbol in the company’s logo,” Durnans said.

In some cases the symbol also appears in the name or logo of a competitor, but it’s not always the same as a coal industry logo.

For example, in the case of BHP, the red star symbol in its logo appears in its name, but the star in its trademark logo.

Another common feature is that the logo’s size varies.

“There’s a small red dot, there’s a large red dot.

So if the company is using this symbol for a coal-based product, the size of the dot changes,” Durbans said, “but if the logo is for another product, you’re seeing the same size dot.”

Durns said he and his team are now working to make the fossil-fuel logo more consistent across different companies.

“This is a new approach for us to really understand how these different symbols are used and why,” he said.

“For instance, we’ve also seen that the symbol is used more frequently in coal- and oil-based products.

That means that it might be more easily identified for consumers and investors.”

For example: In Australia in particular, Shell and BP both use the red and blue-white stars as the logo.

In addition to being used by oil companies, the star is also a common element in the coal logos of Suncor and BP.

Other companies that have coal logos include Shell and PetroChina.

“The coal logo was pretty much unique,” said David Ritchie, a professor of marketing and brand at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.

“If you’re looking at a logo, you want to identify it with that specific symbol and you want that to be consistent across the whole brand.

So the fact that the red or the blue-red-white is used a lot in the different coal logos that we have, it tells us that they’re used in that context.”

But it also makes coal logos distinctive, he said, because it “can be difficult to tell which coal logo you’re dealing with.”

So, what’s a coal icon like?

In order to understand how coal logos relate to coal companies, Durnas team took a closer look at the shape and sizes of the icons in a variety of coal companies’ official logos.

“What we discovered was that they all had the same basic shape, and so the same shape and size of an icon,” Dournan said.

So it’s clear that the shape is the same.

But the size also matters.

“A lot of these coal logos have very small dots or small squares,” Ritchie said.

For instance, the Exxon logo has an icon with two dots and two squares.

“It’s a very


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