An interview with Daniella Gioia, a researcher at the Centre for International Security Studies in Rome, Italy

Italian academic Daniello Gioias is an expert on the conflict in Ukraine.

He has been working with an international team of researchers in the centre since late 2015.

He spoke with the program “Global Security” on Thursday about how Russia is trying to manipulate the Ukrainian crisis.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

#MinskMoves is the name given to the ceasefire agreement in Belarus that ended the conflict that began in February 2015.

The agreement was agreed upon in Minsk in February.

Since then, it has been violated by the separatists.

It was signed by all parties except for the government.

What is happening now in Miskolshysk, where the ceasefire is being violated?

What are the main problems that Russia is bringing to the table?

The main problem is the economic crisis.

Russia is using the Ukrainian conflict as a way to prop up its own domestic market.

So far, they’ve brought the crisis to the economic front.

The fact that they’re doing it is because they think they’re getting a good deal from the separatists, that the separatists will stop taking money from the Russian state and that the Ukrainian government will pay them.

But that hasn’t happened.

The real issue is the conflict is affecting the economy, and that’s the biggest problem.

What has the Ukrainian state done to solve the crisis?

They’re not doing much.

The only thing they’ve done is that they’ve implemented the Minsk agreements.

They’ve given a number of incentives to the Ukrainian army, which they’ve given up.

That was one of the big incentives.

They’re giving it away to the separatists for the same reason they gave it away in the past.

In return, the separatists have promised to withdraw from eastern Ukraine.

Why haven’t they done that?

One reason is that there’s no money to be given.

The other reason is they’re worried about the economy.

They know they’ll be under a lot of pressure from the West.

How are they going to do that?

There’s no doubt that the West is interested in the situation, and it’s not going to be easy for them to pull off this plan.

Russia has an agenda to destabilize Ukraine.

They want to force the Ukrainian president out of power, and they have their eyes on the European Union and NATO.

The Europeans are not going quietly.

They are going to try to intervene militarily, which is why they’ve been sending troops to eastern Ukraine in the first place.

Russia doesn’t have the means to resist them, and if it did, they wouldn’t be using so many weapons and so many tanks.

Why did they start fighting in Moshynsk?

The separatists started fighting in the city after the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014.

The Minsk agreement is the result of that, which was implemented.

That agreement was a way for all the participants to agree on how to resolve the conflict.

So it was a peaceful agreement that everybody was willing to sign.

But Russia didn’t want to agree to that.

They saw the Ukrainian forces as the main force in the country, and this is why Russia attacked them.

Why was that the case?

Why didn’t the Moshysk agreement lead to an agreement?

It was part of a larger conflict that Russia wanted to bring to the surface.

Why do you think that was the case, and what can be done to prevent it from happening again?

The Moshydom agreement, the main agreement was designed to prevent a Russian intervention.

If you look at the text, it was intended to give all the parties the opportunity to negotiate.

The problem is that it’s being violated every day.

The separatists are using it as a pretext for their own aggression.

If they don’t do what they promised, then Russia can be sure that Ukraine will start withdrawing from eastern and central Ukraine, which will result in a civil war.

Why don’t you think the Miskyinsk agreement would have led to a peace agreement?

Because the separatists are not interested in a peace settlement.

They just want to destroy the Ukrainian economy.

It’s their first priority.

It doesn’t matter what the agreement says, the Ukrainian soldiers and the separatist leaders are always going to come back and try to kill us.

What’s happening in Miskyysk and other parts of Ukraine is a very clear example of the situation that is developing in eastern Ukraine, and the situation in Crimea.

What does that mean for the future?

The Ukrainian economy is in deep crisis.

The economy has been cut by 80 percent.

There’s not enough money for the people.

There are no jobs, and unemployment is rising.

What can you do?

If you continue with the Miskysk deal, you’ll see the situation deteriorate even more.

That’s because there’s not a single thing that Ukraine can do that won’t be exploited by the Russian oligarchs.

So what can you expect? The


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